Why should you consider conventional financing with your next home loan?

Conventional Mortgage Loans
  • GSE's including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac make up this very important segment in real estate lending. Convention Lending accounts for most of mortgages held in the US today. Conventional mortgages have been our most popular product since 1992.
  • You can buy a home using Conventional financing with as little as 3 percent down. Gifts for down payment from family members is allowed or you can use your 401k for down payment funds. You have options.
  • Seller paid closing cost: sellers can pay all or part of closing cost in most cases.
  • No upfront Mortgage Insurance like FHA. Conventional also has Lender paid mortgage insurance options. Conventional is the choice for most buyer's in America today.

Convention Mortgage Loans are the most popular lending program to buy homes, condo's, vacation properties, and second homes because the terms are generally better and they offer many advantages over government loans, provided you have down payment funds.  Buying a home or refinancing...It's very likely a conventional loan option might be your best choice.

Refinancing-Use your equity for:

  •   home improvements
  •   eliminate mortgage insurance
  •   college expenses
  •   reduce rate/term
  •   debt consolidation
  •   medical expenses
  •   Eliminate credit card debt/reduce monthly payments
  •   Any worthwhile purpose

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