How can I find the best mortgage deal?

When doing your comparison shopping for lenders consider that lenders can structure financing in many ways:

  • Charge higher fees, and offer a low interest rate.
  • Charge a higher interest rate with lower fees.
  • Ask each lender what their interest rate is for a zero discount point loan that’s based on a 30-day or 60-day lock period.
  • Ask each lender what they charge for an origination fee.
  • Ask each lender what they typically charge for a loan, i.e. fees for brokers, processing, underwriting, etc.

Many other factors come into play when choosing the perfect home lender.

  • Are they local and helpful in understanding your area's real estate market condition?
  • Do they offer a broad range of products that you can choose from?
  • Can you meet your Mortgage banker/broker in person if needed?
  • Do they offer modern "Smart Lending" encrypted conveniences for exchanging docs needed to close your loan in a secure lending portal?
  • Speed to close your loan and convenience are often important.Does you mortgage lender employ local licensed and trained mortgage originators connected locally with leading industry referral partner's to help you in you mortgage transaction. Title firms, insurance agents, realtors, appraiser's...we work with a large list of industry pro's that ensure you are getting a good value with security to protect your new investment.

Trust First Equity Home Loan Inc. and our mortgage professionals for all your lending needs.